Natural Paw started with a simple premise: creating a better cat litter — it just so happens that it is a naturally sustainable alternative to clay litter.  We focused on three areas and expanded from there:

  • Clumping: our litter is 5x more absorbent that the leading clay litter making it a great option for multi-cat households
  • Odor Control: our subtle scents are paw-activated and for added control, our activated charcoal has natural odor fighting properties that will control odors for up to 7 days
  • Dust Control: pellets provide tracking control and are 99.9% dust free

We developed the product with industry experts with over 20 years of experience in the U.S. and Australia.  Our sister company in Australia works closely with us to continue to improve the product and develop new items.  Their facebook, instagram and youtube channel are great resources to continue to engage with the brand.  In addition to developing a litter with superior clumping, odor control and dust control, Natural Paw has the added benefit of:

  • Flushable: check out our YouTube video detailing how easily Natural Paw litter breaks down in water, making it easily flushable
  • Safe: safe to use for pregnant women with natural ingredients
  • Biodegradable: naturally breaks down and can even compost!
  • Lightweight: feather light litter pellets, no more lugging heavy litter!

A family owned and veteran owned business, Natural Paw gained inspiration from Ed the cat.  Ed was a large 22 pound house cat who had a love-hate relationship with his owner, a junior military officer while in Texas.  Ed was quite a character with many funny stories — call 804.859.0206 to hear a few!  Ed provided friendship while in the the military — Ed passed in 2012 and is missed. 

Company mission: Natural Paw designs and markets the best pet products in the world in order to strengthen the bond between the pet’s family and the pet. 

Company vision: Natural Paw strives to serve at least 100,000 pet parents in the U.S. with superior products that measurably improve the lives of both the pet family and the pet.