natural paw tofu cat litter case of 4. 18 pound. unscented clumping odor control dust control litter.
Natural Paw tofu cat litter 4-pack branded case

by Gray McDermid, Aug 15 2020

We are super excited to announce multi-packs are now available providing up to 30% off! While individual refill packs of our favorite tofu cat litter scents and unscented was initially offered in a 4.5 lb bag, we have had so many customers reorder that we have introduced value packs of tofu cat litter.

Value packs are now offered in an 18 pound 4-pack and a 36 pound 8-pack case. While 4-pack 18 lb unscented is offered on Amazon, these scents are exclusively offered on Natural Paw in the 4-pack:

  • Lavender
  • Green Tea
  • Charcoal
  • Peach
  • Milk
  • Strawberry
  • Coffee

The 8-pack 36 pound options are also offered on Amazon for all scents. While this is not exclusive to the website, we are offering a mix-and-match cat. Chose your favorite combination of litter scents and we will customize your case order! Simply email us at or chat us by clicking on the chat button in the lower right corner of your screen to start the process of customizing a litter case.

Not sure which value pack is right for you? Review our info-graphic describing how long our litter lasts in one, two and three cat families. If you prefer to hold a little extra litter in your pantry and benefit from the savings, our 8-packs provide the most value. Try a value pack now and start saving!

how long does natural paw tofu cat litter last. number of cats multi-cat single cat number of bags number of days
tofu cat litter bag new easy-carry handle easy pour for cat litter box
New tofu cat litter bag with easy carry handle

by Gray McDermid, May 24, 2020

We are excited to offer a new bag for our tofu cat litter packs with an easy carry handle! While our 4.5 pound bags are meant to be poured into the litter box immediately, the handle will help with the pour.

While directions are intuitive, we have heard from customers that you can cut the bottom corner of the bag and hold the top handle for an easy pour. Of course, you are still able to cut the top of the bag and pour but this is a little trick we heard last week from Patty in California, thanks Patty!

The cat litter scents that are offered in the new carry handle are:

  • Lavender: 3mm litter pellets 4.5 pound refill bags
  • Green Tea: 3mm litter pellets 4.5 pound refill bags
  • Unscented / Original: 3mm litter pellets 4.5 pound refill bags
  • Charcoal: 2mm litter pellets 4.5 pound refill bags

These new easy-carry handle bags are currently only offered on our web orders through Natural Paw. We anticipate orders on Amazon, eBay and Chewy to offer the easy-carry handle as soon as September 15th.


dog watching cat looking at tofu cat litter
Bella (black and white female) looks to escape isolation while Chloe (mix female) blocks the only exit

by Gray McDermid, May 24, 2020

Isolation and the feeling of loneliness and depression has taken on new meaning during the virus. Our female cat, Bella, has certainly borne the brunt of the isolation among the animals. While Chloe, the dog, and Felix, the male cat, have lived together for years, Bella is used to having the run of the house and now finds herself as the outsider.

I cannot help but connect with Bella during these challenging times. While we remember the fallen heroes this Memorial Day, I reflect back on my time in the service. While I certainly made lifelong friendships, Ed the cat seemed to be my only constant companion. My friends were seemingly constantly deployed overseas and I found myself “house sitting” for extended periods on two occasions. The house sitting meant that Ed and I were the only ones in the house.

While Ed and I had a rocky start (see the first blog entry below), Ed became a friend that I will never forget. Like the brothers (and sisters) in arms that I served with, Ed had a purpose and a mission – to serve as a reminder that I was not alone. While over half of the time I served I was not deployed, my duty station was in West Texas, which may as well have been a foreign country for a young man raised in the urban environment of Washington DC. In addition, I was a junior officer in a technical career field where most of my peers were much older with families.

When I see the above picture of Bella blocked in the den, I cannot help but reflect on my time in Texas. While I remember the many fallen soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen today, I also remember Ed. Thanks for being there for me buddy! I know you would be amazed all these years later that I would be working to serve cats and cat owners!


Natural paw lightweight tofu cat litter. Mix of charcoal and original for maximum odor control

Maximizing Odor Control: Mixing Charcoal Pellets

by Gray McDermid, May 17, 2020

“How do I maximize odor control?” is a question we have received a lot recently. We have been working with customers to get their feedback and one “trick” that seems to work is to combine the best ammonia control litter pellet, which is activated charcoal, with your favorite scent.

We tested out the charcoal mix and the results were fantastic. The odor free scent of the charcoal litter really does knock down the ammonia smell from cat urine while the lavender scent did the job for the feces smell.

During the test, we simply mixed in the charcoal litter pellets into the lavender pellets 1:1. However, we have customers that claim a 2:1 mix with your favorite sent and charcoal will work as well.

This idea came from a customer, so a big thanks to them for figuring out this “hack” for the best odor control mix of litter.

According to Wikipedia, activated charcoal works due to its high degree of microporosity, which is known to be one of the best air and liquid filters found in nature. While there are many uses for activated charcoal, including medical and environmental, the main benefits for cat litter are ammonia smell control not just for liquid filtration but also air purification! This natural litter deodorizer is now available on Natural Paw and is a great mix or stand-alone kitty litter.


Natural paw tofu cat litter lightweight odor control, clumping, dust control

Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter Launches in the USA

by Gray McDermid, May 10, 2020

Natural Paw tofu cat litter is now available for sale in the USA on as well as Amazon by searching for “tofu cat litter” in the Amazon search bar.

After more than a year in development, the formulation of the litter pellets are ready for market! With initial sales trials in Australia, through, the litter is live and for sale in the U.S. pet market.

While the COVID-19 virus prevented an in-store sales launch, the litter is available for sale online. With eight scents to choose from, the initial customer feedback has been resoundingly positive.

For multi-cat households and first-time customers, we recommend buying a case of 4 or 8 packs (either 18 or 36 pounds) to get you started. It will take about 2-3 packs (or a total of 9-13.5 pounds) to fill up one litter box and then one bag per cat per month to keep you stocked.

So far, our most popular scent is lavender, which has a subtle smell that gently masks the odor. One insight that seems to have worked very well is to blend 1:1 the lavender with charcoal as the activated charcoal ingredient knocks out the ammonia smell while the lavender masks the smell of feces.

We are very excited to serve our U.S. customer base, particularly during this difficult time. As the tofu cat litter is such as new concept, we encourage customers to contact us to discuss their intentions and how they intend to use the product. You can reach us via our chat function under “24/7 Help” in the top right corner of your screen or call us directly at (804)859-0206.

Thank you for your support and during these early days we encourage as much feedback as possible. If email is best for you, we can be reached at for questions or concerns. Thanks and here’s to a great start together!

Multiple Cat Household Management Tips during COVID-19 Isolation

two cats and a dog during virus quarantine
Bella (black and white/female) nervously drinks water from cat bowl while Chloe the dog (mix/female) and Fleix (black/male) lounge

by Gray McDermid, May 9, 2020

Necessity is the mother of invention. A small home with three animals has allowed us to brainstorm ways to maintain the balance in the home between two cats and a dog. Here are some helpful tips to ensure the animals are happy, even when it seems that they are sick of seeing you!

Create Separate Space: we all need alone time, even the animals. We have four rooms in the home and each morning and afternoon the animals spend time alone behind a closed door with time to rest and groom. We also rotate the animals outside in the yard alone to make sure they have time to decompress.

Play: play time helpful for directing energy and maintaining psychological balance. We have created games for the animals that are fun for all. From watching animals from the windows (birds, squirrels and dogs walking by), to string games, laser pointer games, and fetch games. Surprisingly both cats like to fetch and the dog enjoys this as well!

Staying Safe: we found this article helpful to understand the risks of the virus to the animals and how we can keep Bella, Felix and Chloe safe during these uncertain time.

We have received a few urgent calls from customers who had unexpectedly slow deliveries from Amazon or Chewy. In many cases, these customers had completely run out of litter and were desperate for more. Running out of litter in isolation is NOT FUN and we immediately overnight shipped the tofu cat litter to make sure they had what they needed. In some cases, the customers were long time clay litter customers of brands like Purina Tidy Cats and Dr. Elsey’s Ultra. It was great to speak with customers and find a solution for them that the big brands could not provide!

After following up with the customers who switched to our tofu cat litter, there were a few positive themes that we heard: pellets did not “stick” to the paws, very little tracking around the house, low odor (particularly with a blend of charcoal and scented litter) and they loved the fact that the litter could be flushed down the toilet! In isolation, many of our customers live in apartments and did not feel comfortable venturing out a few times a day to get rid of waste, as they had to do with clay litter.


Two Cats and a Dog During Coronavirus

black cat, black and white cat, mix breed dog together during virus quarantine
Fleix (black/male) and Bella (black and white/female) carefully navigate the close quarters with Chloe the dog (mix/female)

by Gray McDermid, April 30, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has completely changed our lives and the lives of our animals. Without warning, the virus has made us rethink how we care for ourselves and our animals. Without a doubt, our animals have served a greater purpose in our lives during the virus by comforting us during the highs (Netflix anyone!?!) and lows (no more bread and eggs!).

Bella, our five year old black and white female, has been with us for the last few years and is generally considered to be a loaner. She keeps to herself and does not like to socialize with us and certainly doesn’t like to mingle with other cats!

In late January, just before the virus, a family member decided to travel internationally and dropped off Felix, a seven year old black male, and her dog Chloe, a 10 year old rottweiler mix. While both Felix and Chloe are very easy to get along with, this posed a major challenge to integrate a cat and dog into the small house with Bella (who was none too happy!). Little did we know, our family member is now stuck overseas and we expect to have Felix and Chloe with us for at least six months!

After isolating Felix from Bella for two weeks, they were able to slowly integrate life together. As you can see in the picture (six weeks after arriving), they tolerate each other but that is the extent. Life is now settling in for what will be a much longer stay for Felix and Chloe. We have settled into a routine with lots of play for both Felix and Bella (separately of course) and lots of long walks for Chloe.

During the virus, the cats have taken to long periods outside as I am sure they do not like such close quarters with us! There was even a moment when Felix came back from a long outing and was injured with a scratch from a cat fight! Luckily the scratch was not bad as we weren’t sure what to do with a strong hesitation to visit the vet unless it was serious.

We have been very lucky as we have plenty of the tofu cat litter pellets here in the house (we have had to ship directly from the house as the warehouse has been taking a long time!). While we have the benefit of having thousands of pounds of cat litter within a few miles of our house sitting in our warehouse, you can purchase some for your cat(s) here.

We have just learned that our cats and dog can actually get the virus, so we are even more cautious about wiping down surfaces, washing hands and social distancing. Amazon and Chewy have been awesome for us during these hard times to make sure we have enough cat food, dog food, cat toys, dog toys to keep us healthy and busy! I also found this article from USA Today helpful for ideas to keep our furbabies busy!

Stay safe during the virus; don’t take any chances and give your animals some extra love as they are also sensing something is wrong during these unusual times.

Ed’s Fancy

Ed the cat came to me suddenly and unexpectedly with a very rough start to our relationship that eventually developed into a loving bond.  Ed was a typical cat, other than the fact that he was 22 pounds - later diagnosed with a thyroid disorder explaining the obesity.  His tummy would actually drag on the…

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