Where is this manufactured ? Where is the soy sourced form?

Hi there! The manufacturing/pelletizing of the natural tofu cat litter is located in China. The soy is sourced both from China and USA.
Thanks for your interest.

Does this come in a 5 or 6 pound bag version?

No, at this moment Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter is focused on providing an easy-to-follow monthly solution, which is 1 bag = 1 cat = 1 month. If you have never purchased Natural Paw Tofu Litter before, please purchase 2-3 bags per litter box to start before you transition to the 1 bag per cat per month plan. The litter is super absorbent allowing our pellets to absorb up to 5 times the amount of liquid when compared to leading clay based litter brands. This allows our bags to be lightweight and easy to handle. Thanks for your question and please feel free to call us anytime if you have any further questions at (804)859-0206.

What do you use for the scent, as in what is the source of peach, strawberry, etc. ..non toxic and eco-friendly?

Hi, great question! Yes, our natural botanical scents are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Natural essential oils gently calm you and your furry friend with subtle smells that don’t overpower. Our unique aromatic compounds are obtained through distillation (via steam and/or water) or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing. Our litter pellets release additional scent on contact, allowing smells to be contained during use. Two of our scents, original/unscented and charcoal, do not use botanicals. Our charcoal is great to mix in 1:1 into your favorite scent for additional ammonia smell control!
Charcoal: B082T1TNYV
Original/Unscented: B082T28SL8

How does this work when it gets wet? does it turn to sawdust or what happens

Great question! We have made a video for you to get a visual of how Natural Paw tofu cat litter clumps and then further breaks down to make it soluble in water and flushable. You can view the video here: https://youtu.be/TQXTVq0SFYE
As you can see, the super absorbent litter pellets tightly clump making the litter easy to scoop. Once immersed in water, such as the toilet, the clumped litter quickly degrades making it easily flushable. During the tests in the video, you can see that competitive litter such as clay, paper, walnut, silica crystals and wood were not able to be flushed. Flush away!