A better cat litter in every way: better clumping, better odor control and 99.9% dust free with no tracking. All natural bean curd, a byproduct of the tofu manufacturing process, is a sustainable ingredient that is super absorbing, which is great for one or multi-cat homes. The natural ingredients allow the litter to easily break down in water, allowing it to be flushed in the toilet! The natural cat litter is also safe for expecting mothers - while pregnant women have been warned against using clay litter. For owners that prefer to mask odors, a variety of subtle scents that your cat will love, including green tea, lavender, milk, coffee, peach and strawberry. In addition an unscented version - called original - and a paw-activated ultra scent control odor free version with activated charcoal. Charcoal is particularly great for multi-cat homes, as it naturally eliminates the strong ammonia odors.


“My Cat loves this, great alternative.”


“Both of our cats LOVED using this innovative new litter and took to it immediately. It didn’t stick to them and my partner appreciates that it’s not too heavy! Two MEOWs from this household!”

Eric Wiberg

“We ordered this cat litter because I'm pregnant and we'll use way beyond my pregnancy. Number 1 is It's safe for everyone in the household and Number 2 is we have NO bad smells (especially being stuck in the apartment all day during this corona situation). Highly recommend for anyone looking for a safe alternative that WORKS!”


“I was so happy to find this all natural kitty litter. Traditional litters don’t always mask the smell and leave a cloudy haze around the litter box, this was NOT the case after ordering this awesome alternative! I like that it still clumped together nicely for scooping as well (and you can flush it!!). This was a great switch for my cats but also for my family as traditional litters can trigger my allergies. We will continue to use and encourage others to also make the switch.”


“Great product! Happy the kitties like it. I love that this is an all natural product, too. Such a great idea! I have made the switch and will not be going back. This is the kitty litter I’ve been waiting for! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!”

Jeanette Tsakalos

“Worked great for my two kitties. Will order a larger amount next time! Didn't have much of a lavender scent though”

“My cat is really picky and he loved it is like meant to be! I love that is flushable and it lasts me 38 days before I had to refill”

Julian Redondo

“Love it! No smell, clumps well, and best of all it’s flushable.”

E P Brestel

“This product is great! My cat was easy to switch to this litter. So easy to clean. Love that's it flushable. Have the litter box in the bathroom. Clean and flush. No dust. No mess. No cat per smell.”


“This is terrific cat litter, it clumps well and isn't dusty like clay litter. The lavender scent is subtle which is perfect because I don't like heavily perfumed products. I will buy this again and highly recommend it.”


“Love this because the dust is low and the smell is good (although subtle and not overpowering). My cats likes it, but I'm particularly fond of it because, unlike clay litters (which can cause serious respiratory problems in kitties), it doesn't stick to everything or create a nasty haze in the air. Clumping seemed to be as good as the clay litter but the main thing I liked was that I could FLUSH it in the more awkward trips in my bathrobe to the trash can! Works well, helps with my allergies, and much cleaner around the litter area. Always up for trying natural litter and this seems to be the best of the bunch - love the delivery option too. I would buy 2-3 to start out a new litter box and then 1 per month does the trick.”

Jack Walker

“Wow - I should have discovered this years ago! I was cleaning out both of our cats' litter boxes for the first time since this was delivered. There was absolutely no smell - don't judge me but I did smell closely as I wanted to see. Nothing at all! No horrible smell of kitty ammonia, no feces scent whatsoever! The litter was remarkably easy to sift out. I love the fact that the bag was so small and I dumped it all in and didn't have to worry about pantry space. I did mix in the litter to the old litter at first - I'd recommend getting 2-3 at first depending on how many cats and the size of the litter box. Please do yourself and your household a favor and get this litter! I've been looking for a good litter for almost 10 years and so glad I found Natural Paw!”


“I'm always up for trying new natural litter that is safe for my cats. I've tried most of the usual offerings and I had so far stuck with walnut litter. It clumped well, was better at odor control than every other litter type we tried, but it tracked a LOT. And walnut litter is dark brown, so it is easily visible on a light carpet. I happened to come across this brand's YouTube video and I was impressed, and even more so with its price on Amazon.
The packaging did not come with the box you see in the picture which was a little disappointing but I am ok with it for the price. It DOES smell like soy/tofu up close so if that makes you wary then maybe this litter is not for you. It is not a strong smell or offensive to me so I do not mind it at all. One of my cats is very messy and doesn't even bother to cover his mess once he goes in the litter box, and tracks a lot. I saw a huge improvement in tracking with this litter. This messy cat also has the stinkiest bowel movements I've ever experienced and I have owned or lived with many cats over my lifetime. The first time he used the litterbox with this new litter, I could smell it, but the smell disappeared after 2 minutes. Not even a hint of the smell was left. If I get close to the litterbox all I can smell is the tofu.
I am definitely sticking with this litter for the foreseeable future and will be switching the litter in my other litterbox as well. One downside is 1 bag was not enough for my litterbox. I already ordered the second one. Just something to keep in mind if you have a larger one.
Overall extremely happy with this product.”

Andrea Grobben

“My girlfriend and I share a small house with three older rescue cats, one with IBS and the smallest one (and the only girl) that packs a mean thunder bomb. We were spending a fortune on regular clumping litter, and our friend at the pound recommended we try getting a big bag of horse bedding from the local hardware store. That was certainly a cheaper option, but it made our house smell like a barn and was really hard to keep up with cleaning. With three cats, cleaning the litter boxes is the first thing we do when we get up, the last thing we do before leaving for work, the first thing when we get home, and the last thing before bed. It’s a lot!
The bedding option didn’t really work out, but when we went back to the original clumping stuff, the cats made it known that they preferred the horse bedding, I think it was a texture thing, I don’t know. That’s when we discovered NATURAL PAWS tofu litter. The text more resembled the bedding that our cats preferred, and we loved everything else about it. The barn stink was gone (I think the first one we tried was Milk, because we didn’t want any strong scents coming from the litter area, and we were timid about trying original), scooping the clumps was a breeze, and the best parts were no dust and no tracking. With the original clumping stuff, our cats would have made terrible criminals. There were all sorts of paw prints to and from the boxes on our hardwood floors.
That’s another thing...with hardwood floors, dust shows up a lot sooner with the other brands, including the horse bedding. Sweeping up the tracks was another pain, and while it’s not completely eliminated, sweeping up around the boxes is much less frequent.
When we first learned about NATURAL PAWS, I admit I laughed a little at the idea of tofu cat litter. I made some jokes that I won’t repeat, but we’ve done crazier things (like adopt three old cats all with medical issues:). I’m really glad we did. We’ve tried flushing it and it does so with no problem, but we have a ton of poo bags lying around and just prefer to bag it up and throw it in the trash can outside.
Overall we’re really happy with the product, and happy to find something that is both better than what we had been using and better for the environment. A lot of times these eco-friendly products come with some caveats, but this is the rare one that is both better for you and better at its job.”

Jason Wilford