1. How is granular tofu litter different from pelletized tofu litter?

Natural Paw's sister company, ORI Graystone Natural, is launching an all-new granular tofu cat litter in January 2023 focused on serving pet parents with automatic self cleaning litter boxes. Using the same great all-natural plant based ingredients as Natural Paw's tofu cat litter, ORI is a small granular shape that can easily be sifted through your litter robot. While ORI's granular litter is also compatible with regular and sifting litter boxes, it was developed specifically for use in automatic litter boxes. You can pre-order ORI's granular tofu litter in our most popular unscented starting on November 1, 2022 right here on The clumping, dust control and odor control properties are the same on ORI's granular litter as they are on Natural Paw's pellet tofu litter. It is also the same lightweight 4.5lb bag that lasts 1 cat 1 month.

2. How many Natural Paw tofu cat litter bags should I purchase per month?

It's simple! 1 cat = 1 bag = 1 month. Our clumping litter is also great for multi-cat homes. The Natural Paw tofu cat litter system is built for pet-parents who do not like to keep large unsightly tubs of litter in their pantry. Our simple system will keep the litter where it belongs, in the box! Alternatively, if you like to purchase in bulk to make sure you never run out or for maximum savings, we recommend an 8 pack of litter, which will last up to 8 months!

3. How do I save 20% on my first order and 10% on all future orders?

Autoship! Our autoship feature is a simple three-step process and will give you 20% off on your first order and 10% off on future orders. Step 1: click on "account" to create an account with Natural Paw Step 2: go to the "shop" tab and click on the box that says "autoship" Step 3: select your favorite scent of tofu cat litter as well as the delivery cadence (monthly, bi-monthly...) The 20% discount will be automatically applied at checkout so you're all set! ORI's granular litter will be on pre-sale starting November 1, 2022. Autoship will not be available until January 2023, once the product is in stock.

4. Is Autoship customizable and can I change the scent or delivery frequency once it is set-up?

Autoship can be changed or canceled at anytime at no cost to you. You can also update contact information (including address) as well as the type of litter and frequency of delivery. If you do not see the delivery frequency that you want, please contact us and we can schedule deliveries based on your needs. Please reference above for how to subscribe to our autoship program.

5. How do you calculate shipping and where to do you ship?

All orders over $60 ship free! We recommend you try our multi-pack litter for the best value and free shipping (20% off for a 4 pack and 30% off for an 8 pack). If you prefer to receive one 4.5 pound bag each month, shipping is calculated at checkout based on your zip code and weight. We offer shipping only to the United States. Please note that Alaska and Hawaii orders typically take longer to deliver.

6. How do you calculate shipping and where to do you ship?

All orders over $60 ship free! We recommend you try our multi-pack litter for the best value and free shipping (20% off for a 4 pack and 30% off for an 8 pack). If you prefer to receive one 4.5 pound bag each month, shipping is calculated at checkout based on your zip code and weight. We offer shipping only to the United States. Please note that Alaska and Hawaii orders typically take longer to deliver.

7. How do I track my order and how long will it take to deliver?

A tracking number will be assigned within 2-3 days after your order and will be emailed to you. You can also login to your Natural Paw account on our homepage for tracking. Typically, orders take 2-3 days from the time of order to ship and shipping takes 3-5 days on average for a total time of 5-8 days from order to delivery. Please note that customers in Alaska and Hawaii should expect extended lead times.

8. What can I expect when my Natural Paw litter arrives?

Please check out the Natural Paw YouTube channel to learn about how to integrate tofu cat litter into your existing litter. We recommend slowly introducing tofu cat litter to your feline friend. Since tofu cat litter is plant based, many cats don't know what to think at first (is this food? a toy?). Replacing the existing litter with 1/3 tofu litter on the first day and integrating more and more tofu litter over a 7-10 day period will allow the cat to get used to Natural Paw. Natural Paw uses pelletized cat litter with pellets that are between 2mm and 3mm wide and about 1 inch long. You should keep the litter box between 2-5 inches high (yes it's not as much litter needed in your litter box compared to traditional litter!). That is because our litter is five times more absorbent than traditional clay litter. You should also expect Natural Paw to be septic-safe and flushable! No more late-night trips to the dumpster. When you open your bag of tofu litter you should not see any dust-cloud when pouring into the litter box, which you normally see with clay litter - tofu litter is 99% dust-free! Lastly, Natural Paw tofu litter is lightweight and therefore a much smaller package than clay litter. Our 4.5 pound bags of litter measure 8" long, 8" wide and 3" deep. This small footprint helps keep shipping costs low and allows for easy handling. Each bag comes with a convenient handle for lifting and pouring.

9. Where is this manufactured ? Where is the soy sourced form?

Hi there! The manufacturing/pelletizing of the natural tofu cat litter is located in China. The soy is sourced both from China and USA.

10. Does this come in a 5 or 6 pound bag version?

No, at this moment Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter is focused on providing an easy-to-follow monthly solution, which is 1 bag = 1 cat = 1 month. If you have never purchased Natural Paw Tofu Litter before, please purchase 2-3 bags per litter box to start before you transition to the 1 bag per cat per month plan. The litter is super absorbent allowing our pellets to absorb up to 5 times the amount of liquid when compared to leading clay based litter brands. This allows our bags to be lightweight and easy to handle. Thanks for your question and please feel free to call us anytime if you have any further questions at (804) 245 8354.

11. What do you use for the scent, as in what is the source of lavender, green tea, etc. ..non toxic and eco-friendly?

Hi, great question! Yes, our natural botanical scents are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Natural essential oils gently calm you and your furry friend with subtle smells that don't overpower. Our unique aromatic compounds are obtained through distillation (via steam and/or water) or mechanical methods, such as cold pressing. Our litter pellets release additional scent on contact, allowing smells to be contained during use. Two of our scents, original/unscented and charcoal, do not use botanicals. Charcoal is simply a natural filtering agent that helps reduce the strong ammonia smells found in cat urine. Our charcoal is great to mix in 1:1 into your favorite scent for additional ammonia smell control!

12. How does tofu cat litter work when it gets wet? Does it turn to sawdust or what happens?

Great question! We have made a video for you to get a visual of how Natural Paw tofu cat litter clumps and then further breaks down to make it soluble in water and flushable. You can view the video here. As you can see, the super absorbent litter pellets tightly clump making the litter easy to scoop. Once immersed in water, such as the toilet, the clumped litter quickly degrades making it easily flushable. During the tests in the video, you can see that competitive litter such as clay, paper, walnut, silica crystals and wood were not able to be flushed. Flush away!

13. What makes Natural paw tofu cat litter environmentally friendly?

Natural Paw is a sustainably-sourced plant-based cat litter that is biodegradable and compostable! Additionally, the primary ingredient, bean curd, is a byproduct of the tofu manufacturing process. We are proud to upcycle this into superior performing cat litter pellets. We are also very selective about the ingredients to include natural botanicals for our scents. We are silica and chemical-free. Since we are plant-based, we are also septic safe and can be flushed in the toilet!

14. How does Natural Paw compare to TofuKitty Club?

TofuKitty Club is no longer shipping to their customers and they have recommend Natural Paw as the best tofu cat litter product to their customers! Thank you for your confidence, TofuKitty Club! While there are many similarities with TofuKitty Club litter, there are a few key differences to be aware of: 1. Pack Size: we offer a 4.5 pound bag of tofu cat litter, which is distinct from the 10 pound bag that TofuKitty Club offers. Our product has been specially formulated to be more absorbent allowing a lighter bag to be more effective in your litter box. Please see above, but 1 cat = 1 bag = 1 month! 2. Subscription: while TofuKitty Club is built off of it's subscription model, Natural paw offers a deeper discount for subscribers that select autoship as well as one-time purchase customers. 3. Channels: unlike TofuKitty Club, Natural Paw is built to meet your shopping needs by being sold in a variety of channels to include: our website, Amazon, Chewy and your local independent pet store! If your local shop does not carry Natural Paw, please feel free to recommend them and we will work with them to make sure they carry our product for you!

15. Where is Natural Paw located?

We are a local veteran-owned small business located in Richmond, Virginia. We have inventory staged in warehouses throughout the United States for faster delivery options to you! We ship nationally (lower 48 US) and we serve customers throughout the United States. We have a diverse team of professionals outside of Richmond that work hard every day to keep our innovative line of plant-based cat litter coming to your home.

16. Is Natural Paw offered to wholesale clients?

Yes! If you are an independent pet shop in the United States please visit for more information. We are a small business that supports other small businesses. Our product line is specifically targeted to small independent pet shops and that is our primary concern. While we do sell online, we do so to ensure the integrity of our MAP and pricing and will never sacrifice an online price to compete with in-store pricing. Wholesale pricing is not offered to the general public primarily due to the high cost of shipping.

17. Is Natural Paw safe for expecting mothers that are pregnant?

Yes, tofu cat litter is safe for expecting mothers. However, please note that there is a risk of toxoplasmosis from feces so please do not handle feces while pregnant. The FDA and CDC has done studies to show that clay litter is a significantly higher risk to pregnant mothers due to the high level of dust, which can transfer the parasite. As Natural Paw is dust-free that risk is lowered. Since the product is septic-safe, there is an additional degree of safety by not having to bag and handle the product.

18. I don't see taxes on my order, why is that?

Currently, Natural Paw only has operations in Virginia and therefore only collects taxes for the state of Virginia. All other states do not currently have any tax obligation at check-out.

19. Will Natural Paw tofu litter work with my Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter System?

No! Please DO NOT purchase Natural Paw tofu cat litter pellets if you own the Breeze Cat Litter System. Breeze Litter System uses cat litter pellets that are not absorbent or clumping as the liquid runs through the pellets to the pee pads. Natural Paw tofu cat litter is clumping and therefore will not allow the liquid to filter through the pellets to the pee pad. We know it is tempting to try our litter pellets if you own a Breeze system as Natural Paw tofu litter is less expensive but this will not work for you so please do not purchase. *Please note that ORI's granular litter is also not compatible with the Tidy Cats Breeze cat litter system.

20. Will Natural Paw tofu cat litter work with my automatic self-cleaning litter box?

No, Natural Paw clumping litter pellets are not compatible with self-cleaning litter robot boxes. However, sifting litter boxes, such as the Arm & Hammer Sifting Litter Box is compatible with our Natural Paw cat litter pellets. If you own a self-cleaning litter box, ORI's granular tofu litter is compatible! The best part is that you can flush the litter waste tray! Litter robots that our granulated tofu cat litter are compatible with include: Whisker Litter-Robot Wifi Enabled Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, PetSafe ScoopFree Covered Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Litter Box, Premier Pet Auto-Clean Litter Box System, LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Nature's Miracle Multi-Cat Automatic Self-cleaning Cat Litter Box, Litter-Robot 3 Connect.