Natural Paw takes loyalty to a whole new level; you and your furbaby are part of our family!  Trusting our cat litter in your home with your beloved feline is an honor and we strive to exceed your expectations. Very simply, you will automatically be added to our loyalty program when you reach your 6th order.  You will receive contact from our team with special promotions throughout your journey with us.  We tend to give generously and often to our loyalty program.  Common benefits of our loyalty program (only offered to our Natural Paw website customers) include:

Please don't forget that we have regular giveaways on social media so please visit our Natural Paw facebook, instagram and YouTube channel.  


If you are a social media influencer or would like to promote Natural Paw cat litter over social media please contact us

For further details on our influencer program.  Please note that we DO NOT pay influencers but only offer this program to existing customers that are already a part of our loyalty program to ensure genuine messaging to our customers.