About Us

 Natural Paw started with a simple premise: creating a better cat litter — it just so happens that it is a naturally sustainable alternative to clay litter.  We focused on three areas and expanded from there:



During our 12 month journey developing a litter with superior clumping, odor control and dust control, Natural Paw has the added benefit of:


Check out our YouTube video detailing how easily Natural Paw litter breaks down in water, making it easily flushable and septic safe.


All natural plant based ingredients combined with the dust-free benefit is a great option for cats and humans with allergies. Additionally, cat feces can carry a dangerous parasite that can cause toxoplasmosis that can be transmitted through dust particles found in clay litter. Natural Paw's dust-free option helps keep you and your pet safe.



Naturally breaks down and can even compost!



Feather light litter pellets, no more lugging heavy litter!


Natural Paw is a local family run veteran owned business based in Richmond, Virginia. While much attention has been given to emotional support dogs, Ed the 22 pound tabby cat provided an incredible bond to help our owner through his time in the military. Cats are common family pets and companions in the military due to sporadic and often long deployments. Our owner took care of many cats for up to a year while their owners were overseas. We know what it means to serve and now we are here to serve you! Please refer to our coupon page to learn more about special coupons for active duty and military veterans.


Natural Paw Mission

Natural Paw designs and markets the best pet products in the world in order to strengthen the bond between the pet’s family and the pet. 

Natural Paw Vision

Natural Paw strives to serve at least 100,000 pet parents in the U.S. with superior products that measurably improve the lives of both the pet family and the pet. 

ORI Graystone Natural (Natural Paw's Sister Company)

With the rise in popularity of automatic self-cleaning litter boxes and litter robots, ORI was developed as a granular tofu litter.  You can now order ORI on naturalpaw.pet with pre-sales starting November 1, 2022 and shipping in January 2023.