Roaming Cat Owners: Don’t Forget to Stock Up on Litter this Winter

As the weather gets colder, nocturnal roaming cats who normally prowl and hunt at night spend more and more time inside. Many cat owners have multiple cat households, with one or more cat that likes to roam, hunt and prowl at night. As your roaming cat spends more and more time inside during the cold winter months, make sure to stock up on cat litter as the coldest months of the year demand the most cat litter for our furbabies. 

Please note that many leading animal welfare agencies as well as veterinarians recommend that you keep your cat indoors full time. If you are considering letting your cat roam your neighborhood, please consult your vet and read articles online about the risks of doing so to the cat, neighborhood and ecosystem.  Many leading cat experts argue that keeping your cat indoors isn’t cruel but rather the best way to keep your cat safe, healthy and happy. Additionally, cats are able to have safe outdoor time in an enclosure or on a harness or leash. Please always remember to give your cat a collar and ID as if they do get out you’ll want to make sure they are returned home safely. However, you should consider the following disadvantages when letting your cat roam outside:

  • It is possible to accidentally consume harmful substances. For example, some mushrooms are poisonous and can cause severe illness if eaten.
  • It's easy for parasites to jump on
  • Transmitted diseases can easily spread.
  • During cat fights, injuries can occur, which can lead to infection.
  • Cats can be injured by traffic accidents.
    To avoid such risks, it is wise to keep cats indoors and monitor their outdoor activities.

For cat lovers that want to provide litter for outdoor community cats but do not want the cats inside, an outdoor litter box may be a good option.  Natural Paw tofu cat litter will be a great option for outdoor litter boxes that are covered.  For tips and tricks on what is the best outdoor litter box, where to put it and what type of litter to use, we have found this article to be helpful. 


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