The Return of the Tofu Cat Litter: Natural Paw is Back in Stock!

Welcome back, feline friends and their devoted human companions! We are delighted to announce the triumphant return of Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter after a brief hiatus due to unforeseen supply disruptions. Our eco-friendly and innovative cat litter options are now back in stock, ready to bring comfort to both you and your precious kitties. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of our tofu cat litter and its various features, including unscented, lavender-scented, green tea-scented, charcoal, clumping, pelletized, lightweight, flushable, septic-safe, and dust-free qualities.

Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter's Comeback: After facing temporary challenges with out warehouse and supply chain, we are overjoyed to share the news of Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter's grand return in 2024. Our team of warehouse workers, operations managers and purchasing managers have worked tirelessly to overcome the disruptions and ensure that our loyal customers can once again enjoy regular monthly shipments as part of our subscription program. Let's explore what makes Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter stand out in the feline world.

  1. Tofu Cat Litter: The Eco-Friendly Choice: Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter pellets are crafted from all-natural plant-based soy (a bi-product of the tofu manufacturing process), making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for conscientious cat owners. Tofu-based cat litter is biodegradable, reducing the carbon pawprint of your feline friend while offering excellent clumping performance. Watch our Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter YouTube video to compare how our tofu litter stacks up against other leading types of litter including clay, paper, walnut, crystal and wood cat litter. 

  2. Odor Control for a Fresh Home Environment: One of the standout features of Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter is its exceptional odor control capabilities. Whether you opt for the unscented variety or indulge your senses with the calming fragrances of lavender, green tea, or charcoal, our cat litter is designed to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.  Our personal favorite is unscented but if you find that smell is a concern we recommend a lavender and charcoal combination. Lavender is our most popular scent for feces smell control and charcoal, with real activated charcoal as an ingredient, knocks out fowl ammonia smells from urine.  

  3. Versatile Clumping for Easy Cleanup: Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning your cat's litter box with Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter's clumping formula. The litter forms solid clumps, making it easy to scoop and dispose of waste, while leaving the remaining litter clean and fresh. It's the perfect solution for both traditional and sifting litter boxes.

  4. Pelletized Innovation for Superior Performance: For cat owners who prefer pelletized cat litter, Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter offers a unique solution. The pellets provide excellent absorption and control over moisture, ensuring a comfortable and dry environment for your furry friend. Our pellets are 3mm wide for unscented, lavender and green tea and 2mm wide for our charcoal.  Each pellet is about 1 inch in length, making it a great option for both traditional and sifting cat litter boxes.  

  5. Lightweight and Easy to Handle: We understand the importance of convenience, which is why Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter is crafted to be lightweight and easy to handle. No more struggling with heavy bags – our cat litter makes the chore of refilling the litter box a breeze.

  6. Flushable and Septic-Safe: Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter goes a step further in convenience by being flushable and septic-safe. Simply flush away the clumps for an easy and eco-friendly disposal method.

  7. Dust-Free for a Healthy Home: Dust can be a concern for both cats and their owners. Our tofu cat litter is formulated to be virtually dust-free, promoting a healthier environment for both you and your beloved feline companions.

As we celebrate the return of Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter, we want to express our gratitude to our loyal customers for their patience and support during the supply disruptions. Our commitment to providing top-notch, eco-friendly cat litter remains unwavering. Welcome back the purr-fect solution for a clean and happy home – Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter! Order yours today and treat your cats to an unparalleled litter experience.

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Soft paws,happy planet:Shower your kitty with tofu litter love!

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