Warehouse Moving Sale: Behind the Scenes of the 30% Discount

Thank you to the thousands of Natural Paw tofu cat litter customers that have stayed with us over the past six months of annoying mis-shipments, short-shipments and late shipments from our third party warehouse. We have heard you loud and clear and have decided to get our own warehouse to minimize the logistics disruptions that you have experienced over the last few months.  By the end of May, you will be receiving shipments from our new warehouse in Richmond Virginia!  

To get ready for this move, we have a limited time (as supplies last) 30% off warehouse moving sale.  Many of your have participated in this sale already but if you haven't, please reach out to us over phone, chat or email and we'll get you the code if it's still active.  

To create a smooth transition, we are fulfilling from the existing third party through the month of May but will have our new warehouse semi-operational by mid-May so if you need a rush order, we can make it happen then.  We intend to be fully operational at the new warehouse by the end of May.  

We will be carrying both brands of tofu cat litter, Natural Paw pelletized tofu kitty litter for traditional and sifting litter boxes, and ORI granular tofu litter for automatic litter boxes.  Both of our tofu cat litter brands are flushable, clumping, lightweight, dust-free (although our granular litter does have some dust on the initial pour), and biodegradable.  There has been some confusion on if you can use the ORI granular litter in your traditional litter box and the answer is YES!  If you did get a mis-shipment with ORI litter instead of Natural Paw litter from our third party warehouse, feel free to use it or donate it. Either way, we are offering full refunds.  You can learn more on this YouTube video we made on the subject.  

To our existing customers, thanks for hanging in there. For our new customers, we're always here to answer questions as they come up.  You can visit our FAQ page for tips and tricks for tofu cat litter, or you can call, email or chat us.  

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