Natural Paw Pellet Tofu Cat Litter for Traditional & Sifting Litter Boxes

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Introducing Natural Paw clumping tofu cat litter - the lightweight, plant-based solution to litter box odors! Simple one-bag-per-cat-per-month replenishment, superior clumping and natural ammonia blocking technology for maximum odor control, available in multiple scents, including unscented, charcoal, green tea, and lavender. Don't struggle with heavy litter bags or pesky odors - upgrade to Natural Paw clumping tofu cat litter today!
🐾 99.9% DUST FREE
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    100% Natural Biodegradable

    5 Times More Clumping

    Flushable & Compostable

    Lightweight & Odor Control


    Looking for a litter box solution that doesn't stink? Natural Paw clumping tofu cat litter - the sassiest way to keep your kitty's throne fresh and clean!

    🐾 Lightweight, plant-based formula destroys litter box odors
    🐾 Superior clumping for easy cleaning - even for lazy humans!
    🐾 99.9% dust free-because who likes breathing in litter dust? Not us!
    🐾 One bag per cat per month - hassle-free replenishment
    🐾 Natural ammonia blocking technology and a range of scents (unscented, charcoal, green tea, and lavender) for maximum odor control

    Upgrade your litter box game with Natural Paw - your feline friend will thank you! Trust us, they won't miss the stink. 😼


    Start with our 4-pack starter kit and slowly mix with your existing litter. Pour 2-4 inches in the traditional or sifting litter box. The depth allows cats to dig and cover their waste naturally. Scoop out waste balls daily and flush waste in toilet. Add as needed to maintain the litter box. Always wash hands after handling litter.



    2mm (charcoal) and 3mm pellet fast clumping action ideal for one or multi-cat households. Clumps in tight balls and traps ammonia smell. Gentle clumps that do not stick to paws. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PURINA TIDY CATS BREEZE CAT LITTER BOX SYSTEM. Breeze Cat Litter is non-clumping and Natural Paw is clumping, please do not purchase this product if you own Tidy Cats Breeze System.



    Keeps home smelling clean and fresh. Chose unscented, lavender or green tea scented litter and mix in charcoal litter for maximum odor control through activated charcoal. Filters harsh ammonia smells while gently masking feces smells through natural botanical essential oils.



    Feather-light 4.5lb refill packs with easy-pour handle. No storage required in the pantry as entire contents can be poured monthly into the litter box. Easy-to-lift bag is one of the lightest on the market for 1 month per cat.



    Stop late-night trips to the trash can or dumpster. Flush your litter easily directly from the litter box to the toilet. Naturally biodegradable and compostable. No artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals make this a great option for your household, your cat and the environment.


    How many bags should I buy?

    It's simple! 1 cat = 1 bag = 1 month. We always recommend starting with a 4-pack. Our clumping litter is also great for multi-cat homes. The Natural Paw tofu cat litter system is built for pet-parents who do not like to keep large unsightly tubs of litter in their pantry. Our simple system will keep the litter where it belongs, in the box! Alternatively, if you like to purchase in bulk to make sure you never run out or for maximum savings, we recommend an 8 pack of litter, which will last up to 8 months!

    How do I save 20% on my first order and 10% on all future orders?

    Autoship! Our autoship feature is a simple three-step process and will give you 20% off on your first order and 10% off on future orders. Step 1: click on "account" to create an account with Natural Paw Step 2: go to the "shop" tab and click on the box that says "autoship" Step 3: select your favorite scent of tofu cat litter as well as the delivery cadence (monthly, bi-monthly...) The 20% discount will be automatically applied at checkout so you're all set!

    What can I expect when my litter arrives?

    Please check out the Natural Paw YouTube channel to learn about how to integrate tofu cat litter into your existing litter. We recommend slowly introducing tofu cat litter to your feline friend. Since tofu cat litter is plant based, many cats don't know what to think at first (is this food? a toy?). Replacing the existing litter with 1/3 tofu litter on the first day and integrating more and more tofu litter over a 7-10 day period will allow the cat to get used to Natural Paw. Natural Paw uses pelletized cat litter with pellets that are between 2mm and 3mm wide and about 1 inch long. You should keep the litter box between 2-5 inches high (yes it's not as much litter needed in your litter box compared to traditional litter!). That is because our litter is five times more absorbent than traditional clay litter. You should also expect Natural Paw to be septic-safe and flushable! No more late-night trips to the dumpster. When you open your bag of tofu litter you should not see any dust-cloud when pouring into the litter box, which you normally see with clay litter - tofu litter is 99% dust-free! Lastly, Natural Paw tofu litter is lightweight and therefore a much smaller package than clay litter. Our 4.5 pound bags of litter measure 8" long, 8" wide and 3" deep. This small footprint helps keep shipping costs low and allows for easy handling. Each bag comes with a convenient handle for lifting and pouring.