Cats are the most extraordinary animals you could ever know, they’re smart, cute, independent and fluffy, so we understand why you want to be a cat parent, who wouldn’t? 

However you should know that this is no an easy process, and you might consider a few tips that will help you to become the best cat mommy/daddy in the world:

  • First of all it’s important that you get a veterinarian you trust, if you don’t know anyone, ask for recommendations with some of your friends or family, because this person will be super important in your new life as a cat parent
  • Find a perfect spot in your house for your new baby: This is an important tip because cats are always looking for cozy spots to be relaxed at home. But don’t go running to shop for a fancy bed for them, with a small pillow or warm blanket you will be a god for him/her.
  • Invest in proper grooming tools because you will definitely need them; there’ll be cat’s hair all over your house.
  • Get a good litter box and litter for them. Here we’re gonna make a stop to tell you this is an important matter. They’re picky animals so you better don’t buy a cheap or bad litter; instead use one that is made with natural ingredients, chemical free and synthetic free, but most important choose one litter that is DUST FREE!! You won’t like to have paw prints on your floor and furniture. Tofu litter is a greaaaat option.
  • FOOD: Cat’s food is a subject you should talk with your veterinarian because all cats have different needs so you might cover them with care and with professional advice. (This is why the first tip is important too).

If you have all these points cover we’re sure you will be an excellent cat parent, don’t worry even if it’s a huge responsibility, intuition will tell you what to do and you’ll learn not only to take care of your new furbaby but to understand what their special requirements are; so trust yourself and enjoy this wonderful phase of your live, you’ll love IT!!!

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Soft paws,happy planet:Shower your kitty with tofu litter love!

Captain Clumpington